Plus size fun size: with Denzel Alexander AKA: @DenzelAlexander

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As plus-size men, body shaming can be one of the most heart-breaking issues we have to deal with every single day of our lives. At a time where the media portrays being skinny as the only acceptable way to be happy – let alone to deserve to be loved – I decided to tell another story.

In my 4 years as a blogger, I met wonderful plus-size influencers from around the globe, each of which shines in their own way – always because of their talent, not their waist number.

With them, I had the most interesting conversations and we’re dying to share these moments with you. Every week in November, discover a new plus-size blogger on but today, let me introduce Denzel Alexander

About you

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

•Hey! I’m Denzel Alexander, a 23-year-old college student and blogger, based in Memphis, TN. I’m pretty great, that’s all you need to know (kidding).

2. How would you describe your personal style?

•You could ask me this question 100 times, and you’d get a different answer each time. As of now, i’d label it as eclectic. I can go from a Coachella God to Nantucket  really fast. 

3.  Who was your first style icon and why?

• My first style icon was, and still is, Kanye West. When I first got into West’s music he had this preppy feel with a street-styled twist to it. I really enjoyed his style due to the fact that I felt like I had representation of who I felt I was. I can tell you how many times I asked my mom for a Louis Vuitton backpack to go with my popped collared shirts. Kanye still inspires me through this career and fashion.

4.  What are the challenges you face while shopping?

• BUYING PANTS IS THE WORST! So, I’m in between a size 38 and 40 waist, and it’s horrible trying to find pants that I enjoy. Usually, I gravitate toward the skinny and slim-tapered pants, but it’s so hard finding them. When I do find those, I buy multiple pairs of the same pants.

5.  What is the one item you would always tend to buy?

• Black tees are my go-to purchase. I feel you can’t go wrong with a good black t-shirt.

6.  Which trend do you think doesn’t match plus-size men?

•There’s not a trend in my eyes that doesn’t match brawn men. Representation matters, and society has forced us to believe that men and women of size can’t execute certain looks because of their body type. That’s BS. I don’t agree with that mindset.

7.  Which trend do you dislike the most ?

• I really liked them at first, but the fast fashion version of biker jeans can exit left.. They’re completely cancelled in my eyes.

8.  What is the main message you always want to deliver when you communicate with people?

• Be kind, maintain good energy, and love. That’s all that really matters.


The game of faves

1. Celebrity crush?

• I have so many. My top two are Gabrielle Union and Adriana Lima. I can’t choose between them.

2. Favorite Quote?

• “Give yourself over to absolute pleasure.” – The Rocky Horror Picture Show

3. Favorite color?

•Cyan blue!

4. Favorite brand or designer?

• I’ll give you both. My favorite brand is Tommy Hilfiger, and favorite designer is David Hart.

5. Favorite food?

•Chicken and dressing, I get fulfilled just thinking about it, tbh.

6. Jeans or Chinos?

• Jean-os? That’s my way of saying I’m indecisive.

On being an influencer…

1. You have been on social media for quite some time, during this period how much changed from your point of view?

• I’ve been an influencer a little under two years, and my mindset has changed so much. I understand the use of social media and why some worship it so much now.

2. And what would you change if it was up to you?

• I would change that the number of followers and likes equate to a person’s worth and potential. It really sucks how many talented people on social media are overlooked. 

3. What is one thing your readers would be surprised to hear about you?

•I’m kind of awkward, honestly. I’m a nice guy, but awkward too.



Any advice you would give for readers?

• Be kind, maintain positive energy, and love!

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