Plus size fun size: with Ady Del Valle @Iam_Adydelv

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As plus-size men, body shaming can be one of the most heart-breaking issues we have to deal with every single day of our lives. At a time where the media portrays being skinny as the only acceptable way to be happy – let alone to deserve to be loved – I decided to tell another story.

In my 4 years as a blogger, I met wonderful plus-size influencers from around the globe, each of which shines in their own way – always because of their talent, not their waist number.

With them, I had the most interesting conversations and we’re dying to share these moments with you. Every week in November, discover a new plus-size blogger on but today, let me introduce the fabulous Ady Del Valle.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Arcadio Del Valle but most of my friends and family call me Ady its easier. I am of Puerto Rico decent, 30 years old. I live in Boston born and raised.

2. How would you describe your personal style?

I describe my personal style probably as clean, simple, effortless with a dash of sexiness once in a while. I like to switch up and be as multifaceted as possible while still staying true to my esthetic.

3. Who was your first style icon and why?

My style Icons i would say Nick Wooster, Kanye and Jennifer Lopez

I feel like they exude what my style is now and have influence me in so many ways not only in fashion bu how they carry themselves.

4. What are the challenges you face while shopping?

Not always finding my size or the right fit. I usually shop mostly online. i always have to do extensive tailoring for the pieces to fit correctly and well.

5. What is the one item you would always tend to buy?

Shoes, I love shoes ans accessories. I can wear the same outfit and just change the shoes and accessories and you have a whole different look..

6. Which trend do you think doesn’t match plus-size men?

I don’t think its much about trend I think fashion is limitless and we should be able to have fun with fashion, For me personally its all about how you wear it and rock it. if you have the confidence and put some effort you can wear anything.

7. Which trend do you dislike the most?

Probably when a person of size tries to wear the oversize trend like a top, we are already big we have find a contrast for that look so it doesn’t look sloppy or frumpy but effortless. We can wear it just put effort in looking great in it.

8. What is the main message you always want to deliver when you communicate with people?

That you can do anything you put your mind and heart in. To not feel that your worthless or any less because you don’t look like magazine models or public figures. That you can be fabulous at any size. Confidence and embracing yourself will come with time.

The game of faves

1. Celebrity crush?

Jennifer Lopez

2. Favorite Quote?

“Life is a journey, it can take you anywhere you choose to go”

3. Favorite color?

Green and Black

4. Favorite brand or designer?

ASOS and Ralph Lauren

5. Jeans or Chinos?


On being an influencer…


1. You have been on social media for quite some time, during this period how much changed from your point of view?

Alot has changed, opportunities are slowly becoming available for us, out audience has grown, people are noticing how amazing you can be in any size.

2. And what would you change if it was up to you?

There still needs to be more inclusivity with mainstream brands and designers. Not all of us are 6’2 tall, muscles and masculine. I feel like there is this repetitive choice of showcasing or having still a standard of who can do what. People want to see real bodies being represented and wearing the same stuff our smaller counterparts wear. You can see that there is a lot of work that needs to be done with that. Give the big man or women a chance to help represent an audience that is always being forgotten and stop the standards.

3. What is one thing your readers would be surprised to hear about you?

I have never had a partner, ever in my life. This surprises a lot of people. one day.

Thank you again for this opportunity to be voice.


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