Jon Sliders will kick off your taste buds

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Jon sliders which is basically a new concept and unlike other burger franchises,
they aim to do two things “Deliver the best food” and “Deliver real food”

with that being said, what does it mean?
well the brand aims for #NoJunk food and with that they use only premium ingredient and full fresh meat and chicken from Kuwait and UAE.

I have tried it and LOVED everything about it, I would highly recommend the vintage it is nostalgic and reminds me of something from my childhood which I can’t remember anymore.

the chicken is tender and well made.

although I’m not a big fan of sliders because of the size “for apparent reasons” these are surprisingly filling and doesn’t have the meat acidic aftertaste.

I would be cautious with handling the bags though next time when I get the delivery “yes there would be a next time”

so all in all I would rate it 4/5 and that star is taken our for packaging not for the food or the taste.

you can order via Talabat or Carriage.

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