How to Choose Wedding Dress for your Body Shape

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Among all the joy and excitement of planning the nitty-gritty of your wedding, purchasing the perfect wedding dress is probably the prime thing that causes a lot of stress. That’s because choosing the ideal wedding dress for your body type is a difficult task. You should know your body type before heading to the bridal store or else, you may end up purchasing the wrong dress. After all, there are numerous wedding dresses available in the market, all of which won’t look flattering on your body. However, there’s no need to fret and fume. Given below are some important guidelines to select the right dress that would let you flaunt your curves and grab eyeballs:

Pear shape:

A pear shaped body means the broadest part of the body is beneath your waist, surrounding your hips. You can be pear shaped regardless of your height, weight and body frame. If you’re pear shaped, a flared skirt is the ideal wedding dress for you. It’ll highlight the middle part of the body and float away starting from your hips and thighs.

Pear shaped wedding gown



Apple shape:

An apple shaped or top heavy body consists of broad shoulders, wide torso and a full waist, bust and upper back. Women with an apple shaped body are likely to have thinner legs, arms, hips and tend to put on weight at the waistlines. If you’ve an apple shaped body, you should choose a wedding dress with a high waistline and an elongated skirt. Wear a bodice with heavy texture and lace detailing. To draw the attention upwards, try wearing necklines with a deep V-cut.

Wedding dress for apple shape women


Straight line:

Women with a straight-lined body have their hips and busts of almost the same width. They may have a slim, or often an almost non-existent waistline. Their weight is evenly distributed throughout the body. If your body shape belongs to this category, you should choose a wedding dress, which will generate curves where they’re missing. A sheath outfit in fine charmeuse is a good option. You can choose a ball gown, which cinches at the waistline and drops into a complete floor-length skirt. It will cover up the lack of hips as well.

Wedding Dress for Straight body type women


It’s considered to be the perfect body type by most women. Women with an hourglass body have their hips and busts of almost the same size, along with a narrow waist. If you’ve got an hourglass body, a closely fitted fishtail wedding dress should be your best bet. It’ll reduce the bulk and draw attention to the narrow waist. Belts, sashes and fitted bodice will add an extra style quotient to your dress by enhancing your curves.

Hourglass shaped wedding dress


If you’ve got a tall body type, a simple and plain silhouette is perfect for you. The goal is to emphasize your body’s natural shape. Therefore, every part of your dress such as the floor touching hem or lower waistline should compliment your height. If you want to wear long sleeves, make sure they are up to your wrist.

Wedding dress for tall women

Plus size:

Though having a plus sized body doesn’t depend on your height, it’s normally uncommon to find tall women having such a body type. If you belong to this category, you should go for an Empire wedding dress along with a floor length skirt that begins just beneath your bust. The Empire seam should not begin on the chest. Also, you should ensure that there is no creasing of fabric because that reminds of a maternity wear. If you like airier fabrics, choosing a gown with harder base should work well for you.

So, use this guide to select your ideal wedding dress and sashay down the aisle in style like a true princess.


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