About Us



Since I have been asked a lot about what do I do,

here are some information about me,

I’m a Graphic Designer, who is into fashion and the beautiful things in life, such as arts in general , cool , new and hip  things are also within my interest

I talk about everything focusing on fashion from a man point of view, trying to make my best to make it work for people with extra weight , and to find those two under one blog is somehow hard because everyone talks about women, but what about men?

and in the middle east? it would be harder I think…

I do my best to keep it real and with high credibility , as my opinions are a little bit like rubbing salt on a wound sometimes but still I wouldn’t insult anyone as I know that most of the people do their best as well or maybe sometimes they are just not at the top of their game or not focusing.

for any information about the blog or if you just want extra information about me, please don’t hesitate to contact me from my contact page.